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Uwe Herbst


Uwe Herbst was born in Cologne in 1952. As a child, he emigrated to France with his parents. There he successfully completed his high school diploma in Paris. Today, Uwe Herbst lives and works alternately in Germany and France. He was already interested in painting at a young age. However, he never attended art school and acquired his artistic skills through self-study, practically an autodidact. At the time, he was interested in medieval and surrealist painting. Artists such as Gauguin, Bonnard and Derain later influenced his paintings, which from then on expressed a post-impressionist, distinctive and individual style. It was not until the age of 45 that Uwe Herbst was discovered by an art agent. The sales manager at the time thus became a professional painter. He was already taking part in exhibitions in 1970. Today, Uwe Herbst's oil paintings are a permanent fixture on the European art scene. Despite his success, however, he has remained a modest person. Quietly and withdrawn, he works on new works in his studio and constantly develops his painting. Standing still is a foreign word for him and so the artist constantly strives to refine and improve his technique.


Uwe Herbst's oil paintings are alive with the impressive interplay of light and shadow. Hardly any other artist manages to capture such effects and the uniqueness of the landscape in this combination on canvas. Well-known motifs by Uwe Herbst include the Tuscan hills, the nature-covered Canal du Midi or the spectacle between the water and the facades in Venice. In terms of color, the artist sets no limits and exaggerates naturalistic colors or even replaces them with felt colors. You can simply feel the atmosphere expressed, the temperature and the sunlight.Excerpt from: A picturesque journey to the most beautiful places in Europe - Uwe Herbst and his new works by Dr. Helmut Orpel, editor of Art Profil, a magazine for contemporary art.

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Uwe Herbst Pont Aven
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