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Ute Herrmann

Ute Herrmann, born in Cologne in 1969, showed a remarkable talent for painting early in her childhood. Her father recognized her passion and encouraged her from the beginning, providing her with the necessary materials and support to further develop her skills.

Herrmann's preferred subject is untouched nature, with which she feels deeply connected. She spends a lot of time in nature to gather her inspiration and capture the beauty of the landscapes. Her compositions are always balanced, and she often depicts landscape sections, meadows, fields and even bodies of water in cheerful images.

Her light-flooded, relaxed style of depiction shows a certain influence of impressionist plein air painting, especially the works of artists such as Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Like the impressionists, Ute Herrmann also attaches great importance to the natural depiction of vegetation as well as the fleeting technique of applying paint and brushwork, which take the viewer on a sensual and emotional journey.

In her compositions, the focus is on the foreground, while the background appears blurred and contourless. This gives her works a special depth and allows viewers to immerse themselves in the scenery. The subtle mood content of her paintings, which is often influenced by seasons, times of day and weather conditions, is highly appreciated by art lovers.

Her works are very popular with art-loving audiences due to their vibrant colors, harmonious composition and precise observations of nature. Ute Herrmann has exhibited in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally over the years and is recognized in the art world.

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Ute Herrmann - Poppy Fields - Provence
Ute Herrmann - Fragrant rows of lavender
Ute Herrmann - House in the evening light
Ute Herrmann - Terrace with Bougainvillea
Ute Herrmann - Sunflower fields in the morning
Ute Herrmann - Provence landscape with sunflowers
Ute Herrmann - Lunch at the lavender field
Ute Herrmann - Sage fields in Provence
Ute Herrmann - Lavender field in the morning
Ute Herrmann - Gorse in front of Murs
Ute Herrmann - Insight
Ute Herrmann - Insight Sale price€1.980,00
Ute Herrmann - Rapeseed field in Provence
Ute Herrmann - Summer light in the Luberon
Ute Herrmann - Sage Fields
Ute Herrmann - Sage Fields Sale price€3.950,00
Ute Herrmann - Path through sunflower fields
Ute Herrmann - Cornfield with poppies and cornflowers
Ute Herrmann - Portofino
Ute Herrmann - Portofino Sale price€1.690,00
Ute Herrmann - Heidelberg
Ute Herrmann - Heidelberg Sale price€1.870,00
Ute Herrmann - Under Olive Trees
Ute Herrmann - Under Olive Trees Sale price€4.200,00
Ute Herrmann - View over the river
Ute Herrmann - Thunderstorm mood
Ute Herrmann - Thunderstorm mood Sale price€1.650,00
Ute Herrmann - Rows of lavender in the Luberon
Ute Herrmann - Canal du Midi
Ute Herrmann - Canal du Midi Sale price€2.800,00
Ute Herrmann - View over cornfields
Ute Herrmann - Green Door
Ute Herrmann - Green Door Sale price€2.780,00
Ute Herrmann - Summer in the Luberon
Ute Herrmann - June in the Luberon
Ute Herrmann - A day at the beach
Ute Herrmann - A day at the beach Sale price€4.870,00
Ute Herrmann - Rows of lavender in the morning light