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Stanislav Zvolsky

The renowned artist Stanislav Zvolsky was born in 1975 as the son of the respected painter Evgenija Svolskaya. At a young age, inspired by his mother, he discovered his passion for painting. He graduated with flying colors from the Art Academy in Simferopol.

Stanislav Zvolsky's works have been presented in numerous exhibitions in Russia, Austria and Germany and are very popular. Just like his mother, the focus of his art is on the depiction of cheerful nature. He is drawn to the great outdoors, to meadows and fields, to capture the magic of light, air and movement. In the tradition of the French impressionists and Russian realists of the 19th century, he strives to depict natural light as authentically as possible in his impressive landscape paintings. This requires a sound knowledge of color theory and a constant search for the most natural reproduction of the scenery that his artistic eye captures.

Stanislav Zvolsky particularly prefers green, orange and violet - colors that are based on a warm-cold contrast and are also parts of the rainbow. They give his paintings a light-filled, natural atmosphere. He usually applies the bright, pure colors to the canvas in strong brushstrokes and thick layers. His brush seems to be constantly moving, creating a lively rhythm. It is only in the eye of the viewer that the characteristic splashes of color visually merge together. The fresh impression of the constantly changing motifs is captured in a sketchy style, without pronounced lines and details.

The impression of light is always at the centre of his art, which means that even the resulting shadow play appears colourful. Thanks to the lively style of representation and the harmonious interplay of colours, a warm and cheerful melody is created, which turns Stanislav Zvolsky's pictures into a visual experience of nature for the viewer. On numerous study trips he discovered his love for southern France and Italy.

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Stanislav Zvolsky - Southern summer flair
Stanislav Zvolsky - New York Central Park
Stanislav Zvolsky - House by the Lake
Stanislav Zvolsky - Provence in Summer
Stanislav Zvolsky - The Lake in the South
Stanislav Zvolsky - The Tree of Life