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Renée Vonosten

The cosmopolitan artist Renée Vonosten , born in Germany in 1955, found her inspiration in a wide variety of cultures. She traveled to countries such as France, Italy, Spain and Asia to discover new things and to constantly develop her art.

Renée originally started with watercolors and drawings, but her fascination with the third dimension led her to metal objects, jewelry and experimental painting. Her powerful, colorful works combine painting and collage and radiate calm and harmony, as a counterbalance to the hectic world around us.

In Asia she discovered the importance of inner peace and harmony. She processed the impressions of different cultures, especially those of the Far East, in abstract, symbolic forms and colors. Her works stimulate the viewer's imagination and creativity, and Renée hopes that her soul pictures can open people's hearts.

Renée Vonosten lets the viewer immerse herself in the world of shapes and colors by understanding painting as a process and leaving room for interpretation. This creates a dialogue between the work of art, the viewer and the artist. Her works are characterized by emotion and improvisation and create a symbiosis between reality and utopia, aesthetics and spirit.

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Renée Vonosten - Fire of the Spirit
Renée Vonosten - Writing of Life
Renée Vonosten - Writing of Life Sale price€4.450,00
Renée Vonosten - Fiery Horizons
Renée Vonosten - Fiery Horizons Sale price€4.600,00
Renée Vonosten - Gate of Knowledge
Renée Vonosten - Shining Soul
Renée Vonosten - Shining Soul Sale price€3.400,00
Renée Vonosten - Cosmic Energy
Renée Vonosten - Cosmic Energy Sale price€4.500,00
Renée Vonosten - Warmth of the Heart
Renée Vonosten - Portal to peace
Renée Vonosten - Portal to peace Sale price€4.550,00
Renée Vonosten - Universal Balance
Renée Vonosten - Gate to Harmony
Renée Vonosten - Gate to Harmony Sale price€2.950,00
Renée Vonosten - Flaming Revival
Renée Vonosten - Flaming Revival Sale price€4.250,00
Renée Vonosten - Veil of Infinity
Renée Vonosten - Flooded with light