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Mechthild Seck

"Painting is my way of communicating, a challenge to sensitivity. Behind my lines and symbols there is inevitably something indefinable, something hidden."
The works of Mechthild Seck, who was born in Germany in 1958, are represented in notable public and private collections. As different as her pictures may be, they all have one thing in common: they are extremely expressive and emotional.

Mechthild Seck's starting point in a painting is the subjective perception of nature in the landscape: brightness, color, earth-water-light and good form. The painting process itself, however, cannot be planned, is not determined by considerations of any kind, but is the result of experiences and intensive seeing. Steps in the sea of ​​colors, feeling, creating traces, walking through, rubbing against the present. Trying and erring - reflecting, layering and painting over. The surface is alive and grows with the viewer.

I don't want to create an image of nature or present recognizable sections of a landscape, but the motivation behind my work is to "go beyond reality"; I add a piece of my reality to the world - a new world of images. In a complex work process in which I repeatedly apply new layers of glazed paint with oil paints, resins, waxes and egg tempera and sometimes scrape out the areas underneath, the balance between the intuitive and the conscious is important. I achieve the luminosity of the images, which the viewer can be enveloped by, by using pure color pigments with which I produce my own colors.

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