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Karl Vogelsang

Karl Vogelsang is undoubtedly a virtuoso in his field. In his spectacular color symphonies, which always shine from their own light source, the internationally renowned artist depicts both a memory of Mediterranean regions and luminous snow landscapes.

His harmonious works, which have an extraordinarily calming effect on every viewer, take you away from the everyday stress of our hectic times into a peaceful, quiet dream world. Both the bright, transparent colors and the flowing shapes transport you to an unreal dream landscape that conveys a feeling of infinity and evokes associations with the first days of creation.

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Karl Vogelsang Orange Summer - Galerie Vogel
Karl Vogelsang Orange Summer Sale price€3.500,00
Karl Vogelsang  Light - Galerie Vogel
Karl Vogelsang Light Sale price€5.090,00
Karl Vogelsang Holiday 2 - Galerie Vogel
Karl Vogelsang Holiday 2 Sale price€3.300,00
Karl Vogelsang  Erscheinung in Gelb - Galerie Vogel