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Jürgen Goerg

The renowned graphic artist Jürgen Görg was born in Dembach in 1951. After graduating from high school in Koblenz, he studied art education at the University of Mainz. During his studies, Görg realized that a permanent job would limit his creative work and decided to become a freelance artist. He has been a member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists in Rhineland-Palatinate since 1977.

Over the course of his career, Görg has developed an unmistakable graphic style that is characterized by a wealth of motifs that often only become apparent to the viewer upon closer inspection. At the center of his sketchy lithographs are always human figures, drawn with a fleeting technique, sweeping lines and delicate hatching that leads to sculptural models.

In his works, one can sense the breath of ancient Greece, whose ideal of humanity inspired Görg to create his own figures. Particularly noteworthy are his female nudes, which he has created in numerous variations and which reveal a graceful delicacy and balance. Jürgen Görg's aesthetic lithographs and etchings, which always demonstrate a sure mastery of the technique, have already received several coveted prizes and awards. Among other things, the artist received the Rhineland-Palatinate State Prize for Graphics and Painting in 1980.

With his individual and expressive works, Görg has secured a firm place for himself in contemporary graphic art. Since 1978, his compositions have been shown at over forty solo and group exhibitions with great success. Jürgen Görg's lithographs and etchings are extremely sought after among collectors, and his artistic talent remains undisputed.

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Jürgen Görg  Zodiac - Galerie Vogel
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Jürgen Görg  Szenerie - Galerie Vogel
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Jürgen Görg  Interaktion - Galerie Vogel
Jürgen Görg Interaction Sale price€16.900,00
Jürgen Görg Dinner - Galerie Vogel
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Jürgen Görg Dämmerung - Galerie Vogel
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