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Inna Kirzik

Experience the fascinating world of the talented artist Inna Kirzik, born in Kharkov in 1977. Her exceptional talent for drawing was recognized at an early age, and her artistic training took her to the Academy of Design and Art in Kharkov. During her studies, she attracted attention with successful solo and group exhibitions in various Ukrainian cities and won numerous awards for her impressive works.

Inna Kirzik's artworks are an exciting interplay of expressive still lifes and captivating landscapes in which observations of nature and reflections merge harmoniously. For Kirzik, art is the most perfect instrument for human conscious perception and knowledge of nature - a means of self-knowledge and dialogue with others.

In her pictures, Inna Kirzik takes the viewer into the picturesque landscapes of Crimea. Here she finds her inspiration in the Mediterranean and tropical flairs, the lush, colorful plants, ripe fruit, the sea and the shining sun. Her bright pastel colors exude freshness, while strong red and yellow tones flood her pictures with solar energy.

With an inimitable flair, Inna Kirzik combines the vastness of Mediterranean landscapes and the sensuality of southern still lifes in her compositions. She is a master at finding harmony of colors and composition through feeling, thus expressing the principles of a general order that can only be conveyed with feelings and not with words.

Let yourself be enchanted by Inna Kirzik's unique, poetic paintings, which testify to a high level of artistic maturity. Her works of art are an irresistible invitation to immerse yourself in a world full of harmony and beauty and to merge with the world itself.

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Inna Kirzik  Zarte Kirschblüten - Galerie Vogel
Inna Kirzik Delicate cherry blossoms

Größe: 100x110cm

Sale price€3.550,00
Inna Kirzik  Toskanische Freiheit - Galerie Vogel
Inna Kirzik Tuscan Freedom

Größe: 80x80cm

Sale price€2.950,00
Inna Kirzik  Spielerische Stimmung in der Natur I - Galerie Vogel
Inna Kirzik Playful mood in nature I

Größe: 100x120cm

Sale price€4.450,00
Inna Kirzik  Leichtigkeit des Südens - Galerie Vogel
Inna Kirzik Lightness of the South

Größe: 60x80cm

Sale price€2.450,00
Inna Kirzik  Farbenmeer in der Toskana - Galerie Vogel
Inna Kirzik Sea of ​​colours in Tuscany

Größe: 100x100cm

Sale price€4.200,00
Inna Kirzik  Erfrischung im Süden - Galerie Vogel
Inna Kirzik Refreshment in the South

Größe: 80x80cm

Sale price€2.800,00