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Friedensreich Hundertwasser

The Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser was born in Vienna in 1928 as Friedrich Stowasser. He grew up in humble circumstances without a father. At a very young age he was interested in art and began to paint his surroundings. In addition to painting, environmental protection and new architecture were the focus of his interest. Hundertwasser included organic forms, plants, trees (tree tenants) in his plans and allowed nature to enter the living spaces he designed. In Vienna, Hundertwasser was given his first chance in 1979 to work on a new type of architectural project, the Hundertwasser-Krawina House. The success of this project laid the foundation for further plans that Hundertwasser was subsequently commissioned to carry out. In addition to his artistic work, Hundertwasser launched a number of alternative environmental protection projects: plant-based sewage treatment plants, tree-planting campaigns, humus toilets, solar collectors and water wheels for energy generation. He also actively campaigned against the use of nuclear energy. In architecture, he saw himself as a rebel who campaigned for human-friendly construction. He expressed his strong criticism through manifestos and high-profile actions. As a painter, Hundertwasser created his own style and new content. The painting of the Maori in New Zealand was an influence, as were Egon Schiele and Paul Klee.

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