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Claude Martine

Discover the fascinating world of artist Claude Martine, also known as Stanislav Zvolsky, who grew up in a family of talented artists and was inspired to paint by his mother, Evgenia Zvolskaya. Claude Martine's colorful and expressive landscape paintings are a tribute to the serenity of nature and the beauty of natural light.

In his vibrant, light-filled paintings, one can feel the energy of vast yellow cornfields, colorful orchards and majestic sunflower fields, all of which unfold under the influence of his favorite colors - green, orange and purple. The powerful brushstrokes and the warm, harmonious color tone of his works captivate the viewer and transform them into an impressive visual experience of nature.

Claude Martine's love for the South of France and Italy has further enriched his art and awakened his passion for the beauty of these "paradisiacal" places. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Claude Martine and let his masterful compositions take you into a world full of colors, light and joie de vivre.

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Claude Martine View of the bay
Claude Martine View of the bay Sale price€4.450,00
Claude Martine Sea at Night
Claude Martine Sea at Night Sale price€4.600,00
Claude Martine Heidelberg
Claude Martine Heidelberg Sale price€5.800,00
Claude Martine  Verführung der Nacht - Galerie Vogel
Claude Martine  Venedig genießen - Galerie Vogel
Claude Martine Enjoy Venice Sale price€4.800,00
Claude Martine  Mitten in Venedig - Galerie Vogel
Claude Martine  Eine Nacht am Meer - Galerie Vogel
Claude Martine A Night by the Sea Sale price€4.350,00
Claude Martine  Cote d´Azur am Meer - Galerie Vogel