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Bruno Bruni

The famous artist Bruno Bruni was born in Italy in 1935 and is today a very well-known artist, not least because many of his works can be found on celebrities such as Gerhard Schröder.

His recurring theme is the female body, the young woman, whom he depicts directly and unprovocatively, without resorting to the overwhelming sensuality of his artistic ancestors from the Italian Renaissance.
Bruno Bruni uses a background that is usually one color as the basis for his lithographs. The very delicate colors have a very subtle erotic effect and support the unique charisma of the artist's leitmotif, the female figure, sensually captured in all its aesthetics.

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Bruno Bruni  Venere sognante / Träumende Venus - Galerie Vogel
Bruno Bruni Venere sognante / Dreaming Venus

Größe: 46x38x26cm

Sale price€7.650,00
Sold outBruno Bruni  Liegender Akt mit Kissen - Galerie Vogel
Bruno Bruni Reclining Nude with Pillow

Größe: 44x16x9.5cm

Sale price€2.150,00
Bruno Bruni  La Volta - Galerie Vogel
Bruno Bruni The Volta

Größe: 49x14x16cm

Sale price€3.500,00
Bruno Bruni  La Spina - Galerie Vogel
Bruno Bruni La Spina

Größe: 31x25x10cm

Sale price€3.150,00
Bruno Bruni  La Partenza Großplastik Bronzeletztes Exemplar weltweit - Galerie Vogel
Sold outBruno Bruni Auf dem Kissen - Galerie Vogel
Bruno Bruni On the Pillow

Größe: 22x10x10cm

Sale price€1.400,00