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Edward Malinowski Goldene Inkalilie - Galerie Vogel
James Francis Gill  The Beauty of Marilyn - Galerie Vogel
Wolfgang Loesche - What about flying to the moon
Ute Herrmann - Path through sunflower fields
Ute Herrmann - Portofino
Ute Herrmann - Portofino Sale price€1.690,00
Vincent van Leeuwen Daffy Duck Futures
Wolfgang Loesche Daisy and Donald - You think I'm pretty!
Wolfgang Loesche - I am still here
Jean-Claude Picard - Outlook
Jean-Claude Picard - Outlook Sale price€1.790,00
Wolfgang Loesche - left-right - no. Straight ahead
Renée Vonosten - Flaming Revival
Renée Vonosten - Flaming Revival Sale price€4.250,00
Marco Valentini - Tim on the motorbike
Wolfgang Loesche Donald - Come on be a good boy
Andreas Lichter - Enjoy the sweet life - Homer - Galerie Vogel
Wolfgang Loesche Donald - overworked and underpaid...
Maximilian Delius Young
Maximilian Delius Young Sale price€1.460,00
Inna Kirzik  Toskanische Freiheit - Galerie Vogel
Inna Kirzik Tuscan Freedom Sale price€2.950,00
Ute Herrmann - June in the Luberon
Ute Herrmann - View over the river
Joachim Jo Schilling Owl
Joachim Jo Schilling Owl Sale price€980,00
Jean-Claude Picard - Moment der Farben - Galerie Vogel
Jean-Claude Picard - Good morning in nature
Renée Vonosten - Shining Soul
Renée Vonosten - Shining Soul Sale price€3.400,00
Maximilian Delius Miniature V
Maximilian Delius Miniature V Sale price€590,00
Ewgenija Swolskaja - Sonnenaufgang im Süden - Galerie Vogel
Joachim Jo Schilling Owl
Joachim Jo Schilling Owl Sale price€760,00
Anna Mas - Spaziergang durch die Felder - Galerie Vogel
Ewgenija Swolskaja - Abstraktion der Blume - Galerie Vogel
Original James Rizzi The beautiful city of Heidelberg framed with museum glass
Wolfgang Loesche Donald - I am the boss
Marco Valentini - David Bowie - Galerie Vogel
Marco Valentini-David Bowie Sale price€2.970,00
Wolfgang Loesche Donald - I do it now
Andreas Lichter - Good old Times - Galerie Vogel
Andreas Lichter - I can and i will - Galerie Vogel
Margaux Laboutin - Breakfast by the Sea